creating freedom by helping others.
I Am On a Mission...
“To Help 100 Students Make Passive Income and Creating Their Freedom”
Dear Friend,

It sounds unbelievable, but this letter could be responsible for changing your financial future to the degree that you’ll be creating passive income into your life very soon.

I know it’s possible because I’ve figured it out. And the good news is that it can be done if you’re willing to follow some simple instructions periodically.

The fact is I’m not the only one who’s experiencing it first-hand. Many of my students are already living it. They’re just ordinary people with ordinary jobs. Well, some no longer have jobs because they’ve earned enough to quit.

And we’re doing this by using the internet.

Once you know how to use it for business, you’ll realize that it’s an amazing tool and so much wealth has been made from it. Even the richest man in China is rich because of the internet.

Especially in today’s social-click-connected world, it’ll be a waste if you’re not doing anything with it. For instance, thousands of people are using Facebook and Youtube to generate income.

You see, there are many benefits of what e-commerce automation can do for you, but I think these are the 3 key game-changers:

Global reach - Imagine opening a “store” where you can get customers from all around the world to buy from you this instant. If you take a while to ponder on this, it’s truly unimaginable how big your business can grow. Just like what is happening right now. I was able to “connect” with you without any conventional medium. Remarkable, isn't it?

Speed - Everything is just one click away. Just think! Assuming you’re selling a product online and you told your friends on Facebook about it. Within the next 10 minutes, they could be ordering your product from the comfort of their homes. Heck, they can be doing this even while they’re at work because they could be ordering it via their iPhones or smartphones.

Extremely low costs - You could be running a full-fledge business and yet, a one-person band business. No office rental, hiring staff and all of the other conventional business headaches. Furthermore, your “store” is open 24 hours a day. Actually, I can even show you how to have zero cost in this letter!

This Letter Is For You
I’ve been responsible for training thousands of students worldwide. Students who attended my live seminars and workshops, bought my best-selling books, use my internet marketing systems and mentoring clients who pay $10K to be mentored.

When you read this letter, you’re about to discover the “next level” of growth and how you can be a part of it to achieve your freedom.

I’m looking for another 100 students to coach worldwide for 6 weeks intensively.

The truth is I believe you did not read this letter by accident. It’s because you’re inspired to break away from your current job. Or perhaps, you’re looking for a better and easier way to create multiple streams of income in your life.

I mean, today’s economy is so unpredictable and I don’t see any sign of recovery.

Who Is Patric Chan?
You might know me for the books I’ve authored like “WakeUp Millionaire”, “The International Player”, “Clicking Cash” which co-authored with New York Times best-selling author, Robert G. Allen and the “72 Amazing Ways to Internet Profits”.

I’ve also spoken in 11 countries as an authority of internet marketing and started several internet business start-ups.

If you’ve been online in our internet marketing community for years, you would have probably have heard about me from other Gurus or seeing them promoting my products.

Other than this, I’m a seminar organizer, super affiliate, internet millionaire and many other things.

In short, I’ve been around for quite a while. My testimonials range from ordinary people to multi-millionaires.

But all of these things are unimportant. What’s important is the awakening discovery you’re about to find out today...

Most People Can’t Succeed With Internet Marketing
They usually can succeed, but after playing around with it for a year or two. And for that period of time in the internet world, that’s A LOT of time gone. Within that 12 to 24 months, they would likely to have given up because they don’t have money coming in.

And that’s actually very unfortunate.


It’s because internet opportunities are actually growing every day. Rapidly too. It’s becoming more vibrant and in fact, easier to get into the business.

But because they gave up, they have lost SO MUCH. The internet can allow someone to be free and be in control of their time. I’ve done that and so have the students I’ve coached.

No more bosses.

Imagine you getting the privilege to have more time to spend with your family. Or if you’re single, simply having more time to enjoy your life rather than slaving away your time at a job that makes someone richer.

Many struggle to start a profitable business because it’s so overwhelming, it’s a like a jungle out there without a map.

And the ironic part is, if they don’t get started soon, they are going to face even more problems in their jobs. Because the older they get, the less “appreciation” they’re going to get from their company, unless they can run at a faster speed in the doomed rat race wheel.

But truthfully, it’s really not their fault at all for being so helpless.

They tried, but they just can’t excel.

How could they, when there are these 3 fundamental challenges going on:

1. The reality of Technical Knowledge Constraints
Yes, there are plenty of tools out there to help you get started but you’ll still need to know some fundamentals. And these so-called fundamentals are not really that basic after all, despite of what you've been told.

Let me explain.

First you need to know how to register a domain name and set up a hosting account. Then put up a website. Maybe these are really basic things so you can take care of them.

But seriously, do you truly think that’s going to help you build a profitable internet business that consistently generates income into your life?

Some other technical aspects:

* Setting up an autoresponder for email marketing

* Creating videos for video marketing

* Sales automation from taking credit card orders to product fulfilment

* Sales funnels to sell your products online

* Setting up Facebook ads and other social media marketing systems

* Learning and using all kinds of software for automation and marketing

* Putting up codes for tracking and going through the analytics and conversions

* Creating squeeze page, blog, sales letter, etc.

Honestly, a newbie would probably just know how to put up a squeeze page. And if you’re clueless what a squeeze page means, I think I've made my point quite clear about the challenge of mastering technical matters.

2. Focused Mindset
This should actually be the first challenge. Many failed even before they got started. You see, this phenomenon happens because everything is new to them, it’s very hard to grasp the concept and the mind will just give up.

But in my opinion, it’s because of fear. When you dwell with uncertainties, it’s not surprising that this happens so quickly.

I mean, how would you continue to build your internet business if you’re clueless of whether you’ll ever make it or not?

Your mind would probably suggest you abandon it.

The secret to overcoming this problem is by having a coach. Those who have failed do not have a coach to help them. If you research carefully, all of the greatest sportsmen and sportswomen have a coach to help them master their inner game. *ALL*.

I mean, even the President hires a coach to mentor him. Bill Clinton hires Tony Robbins. Eric Schmidt, the ex-CEO of Google gives this advice, “Get a coach.” Yet, many ordinary people do not have a coach to help them.

If you can’t have a focused mind, you can’t take action. No action means you won’t get results. As you can see, the connection between these 2 is so obvious yet, people ignore it.

Again, a poor mindset leads to inaction. Inaction leads to lack of results. No results means no money.

3. Marketing Skill and Business Acumen
Technical people don’t make money. Highly motivated people don’t make money, too. Only those with the “know how” knowledge of making money online can achieve this.

Look, with so much nonsense happening on the internet, no wonder “everyone” is confused. There are easily thousands of self-claimed marketers out there teaching internet marketing or how to build an internet business.

You can’t even tell who’s right or who’s not. You just can’t.

The internet is flooded with so much information that doesn't work. It’s just a lot of BS. On top of that, there are so many lies.

Then there is just too much information you need to learn on your own.

You need to learn things such as content creation like writing eBooks, releasing press releases, blogging, articles, video creations, etc.

Then you have promotions like email marketing, joint venture marketing, affiliate promotions, list marketing, etc.

What about traffic like SEO, content curation, submissions, buying banner traffic, running pay per click ads, media purchase, etc.?

You need to know backend systems like analytics, internal systems, website optimization, tracking, fulfilment, etc.

These are just some. I haven’t even touched on research, team management, customer support, etc.

So you continue to learn more. Because you think that by learning more, it will eventually solve your problem. Sadly to say, that’s very untrue. You buy more courses but it just doesn't seem to help. And it leads to more frustration until you’re burned out and crash.

Then your dream is crushed and it vanishes.

So How Much Time do You Still Have?
Frankly, you’re running out of time. You don’t even know how deep this rabbit hole is. You can disagree with me, but I think you’re flying on blind faith, hoping that things will get better. You’re probably chasing a shadow, if you don’t have an answer to these 3 fundamental challenges.

Don’t lie to yourself, there's nothing to feel embarrass about. It can’t work this way. You know you need to have technical knowledge. You know you need a coach to help you with your mindset. And of course, you need to be certain you know the right “know how” knowledge in order for you to take action.

If you have the time and money to do all of these things, you’re on the right track. But who has that much time for trials and errors?

When I first internet marketing started back in 2003, it took me a frustrating 8 months just to make my first sale. And I was already working very hard.

I think it’s fair for me to say that you want your freedom as soon as possible. Not in 2 years from now. At this new age, who has that kind of time to wait for success and freedom.

Truthfully, the longer you delay, the more money you’re losing and you may possibly even reach a stage where it’ll “too late” for you to start.

There’s Another Problem…
Even if they succeeded in making money online, they’re merely making money for your today’s spending. You’ll just be making an active income. That’s as good as having a job, which is something that we’re not looking for. When you stop working, your income ends.

Ironically, that’s "alright" because it’s just a part of life.

However, you don’t need to be part of what the economy wants you to be. You can make a decision to break free today and go up the food chain.

Tell me sincerely, what you really want to achieve is to create wealth, isn’t it?

Because we have “forgotten” about the freedom we use to have in our life. I'm confident there was a time in your life where you can enjoy spending your time without financial pressure and stress.

Freedom from bosses and employment.

Freedom to work at anytime and anywhere you wish.

Freedom to enjoy your time, which is rightfully yours.

Remember the time you were so happy spending with your family but you’ll only get to do that so rarely because you’re force to work on other’s terms?

Where did your freedom disappear? When you gave it away for salary.

Why can’t you determine your own “salary” and stop being at the mercy of your boss?

I think it’s time you “take back” your life and enjoy it. You only live once, might as well make the best out of it.

To do that, you need to start creating wealth.

You need passive income.

Don't miss another minute longer.

And truthfully, you're not alone.

The 6-Week Passive Wealth Online Coaching Program
In my past 12 years of teaching, training and educating thousands of students worldwide to start their own online business, I've also seen the pain of others struggling. Not the struggle to learn internet marketing, but the financial struggle to live without stress and frustration.

Though it's not a great sight, but through this lens, I have been given the privilege to help them. I'm not here to discuss my spiritual faith, but I do believe when you help someone, God is watching you.

You may not imagine the world I live in, where I feel helpless seeing...

There are old folks who do not have money left and struggling to learn how to make money, imagine being broke when you're old.

There are fathers and husbands who work endlessly every day just to make ends meet where they don't have the time for their wives and children anymore.

You’ll find mothers who love their children dearly but could never be at home because of their jobs.

Talented people who are not able to pursue their dreams and passions because they need to work to make a living and throw away their years.

Young people who do not have money but have the desire to succeed and to prove to the World they should not to belittle them.

Then you have just ordinary people who simply wish to have another stream of income so that they can be happy with their jobs, to love their jobs and not because of the money.

You see, as an internet marketer, I was fortunate to make a small fortune for myself through marketing and business. I have enjoyed living the "internet lifestyle". I have driven nice cars. Just in my twenties, I bought a house in the hills with a sea view. Though many people can afford that, not many people in their twenties will do that to spend millions.

When I got married, I could have my wedding celebration in probably the best hotel in where I live.

I've traveled around the world for holidays, Hawaii, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Dubai, Bangkok, Melbourne, Paris, London, Gold Coast, Sydney, Singapore, Malaysia, Phuket, Bali, Los Angeles, San Diego, Atlanta, Seoul, India, Vegas and many other places to be named. Best of all, I can do that with my wife.

Today, I don't have many financial worries either. For instance, just one of my internet marketing products just produced 2.6 million in just one and half years. And that's selling digital products over the internet.

I know, making money and creating a name for oneself is important, but that's no longer my drive today because I have gone through that in my twenties. I'm now at my mid 30's. I'm married and have 3 children. If you ask me, that's the greatest achievement I've ever achieved. No money in the world holds greater value than a family. If you learn nothing reading this letter, this is the best advice I’m giving you. It’s your family.

This is why, I’m doing this coaching program to help others.

The coaching program’s tuition fee is $1,197 but I’m not going to charge you any fee for it if you’re qualified to be coached.

The Most Powerful Leverage Is Partnership
I can coach you to succeed but you need to have an e-commerce business of your own and cutting edge products to sell online.

You need to have REAL IN-DEMAND PRODUCTS that add value to people’s lives to create wealth.

For instance, look at Apple. Do they have products? Of course, that’s how the company became one of the most successful businesses in the world. No company in this world would last long without real products that people love and buy.

The good news is I've found a company that will not only give you a turnkey e-commerce store to start, and they’ll provide you with breakthrough products that can make your customers wanting to buy from you continually.

They’ll do everything for you like take the orders, treat your customers well, fulfill the products and pay you every week on time.

After intensive research, I have found the ideal partner to help us. It’s a US-based INC 500 company called, Jeunesse Global. A full fledged e-Commerce business that has been operating since 2009 and generated over 700 million dollars.

But more importantly, they create products that can CHANGE THE WORLD.

Products that people can use every day and bring great wonders into their lives.

Their products are all about Y.E.S - Youth Enhancement System. In short, these are what the products do for you:

ENHANCE: AM & PM Essentials™ contain potent vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that enhance healthy cellular function and delay premature aging. Just so you know these are not your usual multi-vitamins. It supports natural cellular DNA Repair and helps cells function properly.

DEFEND: RESERVE™ is a fortified fruit blend that combines a host of super-fruits and antioxidants to defend cells from environmental damage.

RESTORE: Nobel Prize-winning research shows that shortened telomeres, the protective end caps of our DNA, are a fundamental cause of aging. FINITI™ contains a powerful, patented supplement shown to lengthen and restore short telomeres in humans.

BALANCE: Carefully formulated to balance your metabolism, ZEN BODI™ is a targeted, holistic approach to weight management. By curbing cravings, burning fat, and building muscle, ZEN BODI™ opens the path to health and restores the body’s natural mechanisms.

REJUVANATE: Developed by a world-renowned cosmetic surgeon, LUMINESCE™ is a patent-pending stem cell technology that supports your natural ability to restore and rejuvenate skin with incredible results.

DIMINISH: Instantly Ageless™ is a powerful anti-wrinkle micro-cream that works quickly and effectively to diminish the visible signs of aging. Users have seen dramatic results in seconds.

In summary, these products ROCK. They've been developed by some of the greatest scientists and doctors in their respective fields. In fact, one of the doctors is actually an advisor for NASA astronaut’s nutrition.

As I've mentioned earlier, Jeunesse Global started back in 2009. If the products aren't as amazing as they are, they wouldn't still be around today. They wouldn't be on their track to becoming a billion dollar company. They’re growing in leaps and bounds with 30+ operational offices globally and shipping products to over 100 countries.

I’m personally using the product.

My wife uses it.

I let my kids and my mum take the products for their well-being. If I don’t trust the products, I wouldn't have it taken by my love ones. Simple as that.

Personally, I love this business. It comes with a “business-in-a-box” for e-commerce and they have cutting-edge breakthrough products that was shared earlier. On top of that, for financial reward, the business can help you to make as much as USD $100,000 per month.

Here’s an instant online business for you.

This is an instant business that you can have immediately.

Website and products ready to go. No technical skill required. All products are drop shipped by the company and they even take care of the customer service for you.

Your job is only on the marketing part but that’s considered done because I’ll be coaching you how to do that...

"World-Class Internet Marketer will Coach you for 6 Weeks to Make Passive Income, for Free?"
Here are some feedbacks about my marketing knowledge and business acumen...

Robert G. Allen, New York Times Best-Selling Author

Corey Davis, VP Of Marketing - ClickBank

Russell Brunson, Founder of ClickFunnels

The 6-Week Passive Wealth Online Coaching Program starts immediately once your account is confirmed. These are the breakdowns:

Week #1: Orientation Training - In the first week, you’ll go through “orientation” where I’ll guide you with the products, setting up your e-commerce store, preparing your account to accept commission and everything you need to know on how to get started. You will go through my proprietary mindset training called, MPS (Mindset, Psychology and System) Training.

Week #2: Exponential Affiliate Marketing - You’ll learn about affiliate marketing with Jeunesse Global products but in a much more profitable way of running it so that you’ll be able to make a real passive income. The goal is to generate 5-figure per month and aiming for 6-figure monthly once your business is growing rapidly.

Week #3: Level 1 & Level 2 Facebook Marketing Training - In week #4, you’ll be able to begin promoting your e-commerce business to start making money online by using Facebook for free. Once you’ve mastered Level 1, you’ll get access to more advance Facebook marketing training to generate leads.

Week #4: Lead Generation Training - How to generate leads and convert them into customers with various different marketing strategies.

Week #5: Growing And Automating Your Business - One of my clients is using a system to make over $100,000 a month. I’ll share with you how to grow and automate this business.

Week #6: Growing And Automating Your Business Part 2 - How to execute your plans and build your business strategically.

The coaching program is $1,197 but you’ll get to gain access to it for free when you join Jeunesse Global and sign up under the Basic Package. Full explanations are at the bottom of this page.

When you join, the company will provide you with your own turnkey e-commerce business and your back-office login. You will have a business up and running right away. I’ll coach you how to build the business then.

More Real Life Testimonials...

The testimonials below speak for themselves about the training, my commitment, the system and so on. To ensure these are genuine testimonials, they're published AS THEY ARE from our Facebook group with no editing. Even their profile names are intact to remain the authenticity of the testimonials.

And many more!!!

The 6-Week Passive Wealth Online Coaching Program DISTRIBUTION RIGHTS worth $10,000

The best part of this e-Commerce business is it allows you to “sell” the business opportunity as well. Meaning, if someone would like to have a business like this, you can refer them to join and you’ll make commission, as much as $250 per sale. And on top of that, when they generate revenue from their own e-commerce businesses, you’ll also be able to get paid passive income accordingly.

So the fact is, the more they can build the business, the more passive income you’ll be able to make. But the problem is, they may not know how to promote their own e-commerce business and you may not know how to train them. When you join our group today, I’m going to do something exclusively special for you. You’ll be granted the full distribution rights to give this 6-Week Passive Wealth Online Coaching Program worth $1,197 for free as a bonus for your customers to sign up.

However, this $10,000 value bonus is only available for limited time only. We'll start to charge this system separately once we're filled up.

EXCLUSIVE BONUS #2: Rights To Use The "Passive Wealth" Salesletter Worth $12,000

Imagine having me to do all of the training work for you to train your customers so that you're able to make passive income. They'll be trained like how you'll be trained so that your business can grow exponentially.

At the same time, you’ll also be given the clone website of this webpage to promote Jeunesse Global e-Commerce business. This way, you’ll be able to generate income very fast.

If you were to hire a copywriter to write a salesletter like this, it'll easily cost you between $5,000 to $10,000. If you were to hire me to write one for you, my fee is $12,000 but today, when you become a family member of ours, you'll get the FULL RIGHTS to use this proven salesletter to sell for you.

Is This Multi-Level?
I think we need to clearly define what does that actually mean. The fact is, so many people do it wrong and obviously, it leaves a bad name for the concept behind it.

In terms of the concept, I think it’s marvelous. Even Bill Gates, Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki endorse it.

By the way, if it's that, I don't know how to coach you because I'm not a network marketer, I'm an internet marketer and speaker.

Anyway, most people will visualize a picture of them presenting some slides and drawing circles in front of their friends and family. Or desperately looking for prospects. That’s “network marketing” to them. Face-to-face presentation, buy lots of inventory, making phone calls for appointments, handling application forms, carrying and delivering stock and so on.

What I’m sharing with you is completely different. This is an e-Commerce system to generate a passive income and also, a massive income worldwide.

Interestingly, I actually stumbled upon this business by accident. I wasn't seeking it at that time. You see, a mentoring client of mine is in the Jeunesse business and he’s running it via the “conventional method”. Yet, he was producing an average of $100K a month. Nothing to do with internet marketing when he was doing it.

When I saw that, I saw something else, an amazing opportunity to help people from all around the world to achieve freedom with what he had. With the e-commerce platform that Jeunesse has, I can promote this business online by using the internet marketing strategies that I’ve been using for more than a decade. People can work at home by just using the internet.

The business already comes with the turnkey website and products. So problem solved for the technical issue.

So I started doing it and as expected, I’ve started making several thousands of dollars. And in just short 3 months, I was already earning 5 figure income from it. Now, relatively, it’s not a lot of money, but it wasn't much work scaling it up to 6 figures.

Why? We’re talking about using social media, sales funnels, email marketing, webinar and everything else to build this business. And again, we’re tapping to the world’s market with no demography restriction.

When you have a system, it’s so easy to do this business.

But I know that others can’t produce the results like I do because they do not have the system and the “know how” knowledge I've accumulated for the past 12 years.

However, what if I can create the system for them to use and coach them step-by-step, holding their hands?

That’s how the 6-Week Passive Wealth Online Coaching Program and the marketing system were born to help YOU.

Wouldn't it be nice to start building a passive income pipeline for yourself?
"Awarded The Star Pacer Award For Enrolling The Most Distributors For 2015, Competing With 500,000 Other Distributors From USA, Australia, China, etc Including All Of The Diamonds... WORLDWIDE!"
Truth is, some of the greatest marketers alive tried to crack the code on how to use the internet to build a solid network marketing business. They claimed they can, but I doubt they've succeeded comprehensively. They failed.

And veteran network marketers all around the world said it's "IMPOSSIBLE". I think I've proved them wrong too.

The reason why I’m able to get new members from all around the world into my network without even speaking on the phone or meeting the person face-to-face is because of THE INTERNET... and our proprietary marketing system.

Otherwise, how else could I beat over 500,000 other distributors worldwide to be on the stage in front of 15,000 attendees to take the prestigious Star Pacer award... when I'm just living in the small island of Penang?

And I'm not even a network marketer. I am an internet marketer.
"I’m on a Mission to Coach 100 Students"
They do not need to have any experience.

Not all of them will be successfully accepted because they may not be qualified, but those who do, the goal is to help these students to start making 5-figure monthly income.

Combined with my years of internet marketing experience and the system I'm continuously developing, I honestly think that we're going to explode. It's either with you, or without. The good news is, you have the privilege to choose to join me today because you’re invited to read this letter.

End of the day, I'm not just here to "make money". I’m here to make a difference, TO HELP MORE PEOPLE.

How to Sign Up
When you join Jeunesse Global, you’ll get access to my coaching program and the bonuses to put you on the fast track. There are only 2 quick steps to lock your spot:
Step #1: Sign Up With Jeunesse Global
Watch this quick video to walk you through. Then click the link below to sign up. Select the BASIC Package, to be entitled to get the 6-Week Passive Wealth Online Coaching Program and the exclusive $22,000 bonuses for free:
Use This Username to Sign Up: projectwealthonline
Once you have clicked the sign up button below, if somehow you're unable to signup because it's asking for a username. Just use projectwealthonline upon signing up.
Step #2: Send Us Your Username
Once you’ve signed up, send an email to us with your Jeunesse username. Once I've received that, I’ll be able to confirm that you’re in the Passive Wealth Group and my office will immediately give you the private access to the coaching program so that you’re able to start right away. Send it to us at:

Email to [email protected]

Use the subject: 6-Week Passive Wealth Coaching Access

I’m excited because you could be making money very soon. I’ll teach you a simple method how you can achieve that, even before starting your coaching program. And when you start building this business, you’re truly working on earning real passive income.

A True Shortcut To Freedom

This coaching program is probably fastest way to go from nothing to making passive income without internet marketing experience.

First, you'll get to avoid the mistakes I’ve made in the past. If I knew all of these, I would have hit 6 figures very quickly.

The only thing I ask you to do is to take action after I’ve taught you how. You need to be committed to yourself; after all, this is your future. You’re building a business for the benefits of your family too.

Your investment for a Basic Package with Jeunesse Global will bring you exponential benefits because you’re being responsible for your health and you’re also getting the entire package of the 6-Week Passive Wealth Online Coaching Program worth $11,197 for free.

You'll have the same system I’m using to build my e-commerce business.

Visualize how you can live a better life where you’re in control.

The decision is yours, my friend.

One more thing, you may want to get started as soon as possible because I do not know how long this opportunity will be available.

Once I have too many students, I have no choice but to close this. I mean, an opportunity like this doesn’t come by often and those who see it will grab it excitedly without a second thought. You’re about to be coached by a world-class internet marketer and best-selling author for 6 weeks, get distribution rights to his entire coaching program and his marketing system for free.

Click Here To Join Today

I look forward to welcoming you into the group and building your business together...

Warm regards,

Patric Chan
Founder, the Passive Wealth Group

P.S: Below is the picture of me with Scott Lewis, the Chief Visionary Officer of Jeunesse Global during one of the gala dinners. And the other person is Billy Teoh, my client and also the person who introduce this business to me. Once you've joined the Passive Wealth Online Coaching Program, I'll share more about him with you because we only talk about him in our private group.

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